Plastic disposable plates manufactured by extrusion and thermoforming have been introduced by Macpac in 2012. Macpac’s plastic plates are manufactured by polypropylene and combine durability with affordable cost.
Due to their high quality standards, they are the ideal product both for foodservice suppliers as well as retailers no matter if the food stuff is hot or cold. In fact, the products are designed to withstand very high temperatures thus covering a wide span of applications.

To date the sizes available are 17,20 and 23cm and all are produced in white colour. The 23cm plate is also available in a deeper version as well as with two compartments. The marketing and research and development departments are working closely to enlarge the product group of PP plates by introducing a combination of new shapes, colours or even materials. All products can be supplied with the customer’s personalized sleeve (private label). Macpac’s PP disposable plates are fully recyclable and carry all the necessary food compliance certificates.