Macpac is manufacturing tailor made products from extrusion and thermoforming since 2012. The applications are mainly for food stuff and can be so widespread that the shapes and sizes can be unlimited. The materials handled so far are Polystyrene (PS), Polypropylene (PP) and Polyester (PET). However, the research and development department is experimenting in other materials, especially the bio materials like PLA or bio PET that are continuously gaining market shares and are attracting attention from food processors, retailers and consumers.

The process of custom manufactured articles is simple and Macpac welcomes new projects for evaluation and implementation. Upon investment in the necessary tooling Macpac is flexible enough to allow customers a transition period during which small production runs can ensure the customer is not constrained to absorb large quantities prior to having fully explored the company’s sales and marketing plan. All Macpac’s products are fully recyclable and carry all the necessary food compliance certificates.