Polystyrene lids (PS) manufactured by extrusion and thermoforming have been introduced by Macpac in 2006. Macpac’s PS plastic lids product group, consists of several sizes, shapes and covers practically all the applications.

More specifically, the product group is divided into sip through lids that are suitable for hot paper and foam (EPS) cups as well as cross cut lids that are used in cold paper and EPS cups. The main diameters that are being manufactured are 80mm and 90mm that are compatible with the vast majority of disposable paper cups found in the market. However, Macpac is also producing 85mm as a standard product and can develop a custom diameter upon investing in the necessary tooling. Similarly a personalized engraved logo can be developed upon construction of custom mould.

Macpac has also developed a re-closable sip through lid that is ensuring minimal environmental contamination of the cup contents, thus meeting the needs for higher hygiene standards of the packaging materials used in the foodservice industry.

PS sip through lids are available in white, black and brown, however, other colours can be manufactured upon request and at relatively low minimum order quantity. Cross lids are available in 80mm and 90mm while other sizes can be manufactured upon investment in the tooling. PS cross lids are available in translucent colour only. Without any additional cost, cross lids, can also be produced either totally closed or with a vent hole. Last but not least, outer packaging such as sleeves and boxes can also be customized with the customer’s design, provided a certain minimum order quantity is achieved.