Expanded polystyrene cups (usually referred to as EPS or foam cups) have been the first product family that was introduced by Macpac in 2002. The sizes produced are 8, 12 and 16 oz while all are printable in up to 6 colours with a minimum order quantity of 15 boxes. Generic designs are also available. Disposable EPS (foam) cups are using for both hot and cold drinks and have been used extensively in the foodservice sector. Typically, they are ideal for hot coffee, chocolate, tea, but also for smoothies and ice coffee.

Macpac is supplying polystyrene (PS) plastic lids both for hot drinks (sip through lids) as well as cold (straw cut). The diameters chosen are 80mm and 90mm, thus match perfectly with the most commonly used paper cups. For this reason disposable EPS cups can be used alongside with paper cups without having to care about separate lids. Macpac has also introduce the engraved versions of 8oz and 12oz EPS cups that offer a unique touch to the consumer compared to the smooth walled EPS cups that are most commonly found on the market.
Macpac’s EPS cup range blends in with the rest of the product families as low volume orders can also be supplied in a mixed truck or container load all delivered from the plant in Kavala, Greece.