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Macpac SA is a sister company of Prepac SA, which is a well-known distributor in the packaging sector, active in Greece since 1983.

Macpac was founded in 2002 and started producing expanded polystyrene cups and bowls in the Industrial area of Kavala, that is strategically situated close to the Northern borders and has as well a good access to Thessaloniki, the second port of Greece. In 2006 a new factory was built in a neighbouring land within the same industrial area and Macpac introduced the first thermoformed articles.

Following several expansions, today, Macpac is operating in a 5000m2 plant that is built on a 10,000m2 land whilst the company has purchased new pieces of land that will support future expansion.

The company specializes in the production of a wide range of disposable plastic articles for foodstuff by extrusion and thermoforming. All production takes place under the strictest regulations (ISO and BRC), using the most advanced machinery and technology available.

Macpac envisions to provide a complete range of high quality disposable products for the HO.RE.CA. and retail markets, ensuring strict conformity to E.U. hygiene regulations during all phases of the production process.

Macpac’s product portfolio consists of PET cups with lids, PS lids suitable for paper and foam disposable cups, PP microwavable food containers, PP plates, PET salad containers, PET fruit packaging containers, EPS cups and bowls as well as custom thermoformed articles in PP, PET or PS.

Apart from the above mentioned plastic materials, Macpac is planning to gradually introduce bio materials that are gaining shares over their petroleum-based counterparts and elevate its prestige as a manufacturer of disposable plastics.  Similarly, Macpac has invested a significant amount in R&D, in order to incorporate food-grade RPET in its future production, in accordance with the new EU Directive.

Throughout the years, Macpac has accumulated significant experience in custom printing of PET cups and is consequently offering low minimum order quantities at competitive pricing. More specifically, all PET sizes are printed in up to 6 colours with a minimum order quantity of only 10,000. Delivery times depend on the size and season but on average those range from 1 to 6 weeks.

Additionally, Macpac is diversifying its activities by enlarging the shapes and sizes within existing product families as well as by continuously investing in creating new shapes that meet the needs of the international foodservice markets. All that is being achieved whilst keeping a light and flexible sales organization that ensures problem solving and customer response times, which are setting world-class standards.

Macpac is mainly serving the European continent, though the continuous enhancement of the product range will enable the company to expand to other markets such North America and the Middle East.

Consistent quality, competitive pricing and superior customer service, are Macpac’s pillars of excellence that should trigger the interest of all buyers seeking a reliable and responsive partner that can ensure a long-term mutually fruitful co-operation.